Eyeberia Graphics aim to produce inteligent and creative solutions that communicate in a clear and precise manner.

We deliver coherent solutions on schedule and in budget across a wide range of media including, web design, graphic design, brochures, stationery and promotional literature.

We specialize in information architecture, usability and user experience (UX).

Web Design

While webdesign is an art, web development is all about technologies. We have the required expertise to develop custom websites, dynamic data base driven content managment systems utilising the latest trends in code.

We develop our sites around a framework structured for Search Engine Optimization. Things like good URL rewriting, XHTML 1.1 compliant code, use of CSS classes to style the code, tableless design, meta tags and descriptions, page titles, good internal linking between site pages and so on.

Web copy and written content.

Whilst a picture can be worth a thousand words, we believe that the power of an image can be increased dramatically by the use of intelligent prose. Many potentially effective websites let themselves down with poor copy writing. Well chosen words can conjure up the ethos of your product and enhance its standing in the minds of potential clients.

You can write your own copy and let us suggest changes or you can give us an outline that we can flesh out. If you wish we will write the whole thing for you. Some people see written copy as "the icing on the cake" -we feel it's a fundamental ingredient.

Website Design & Build
Online Content Management
Hosting Advice
CSS, XHTML standards
Content Management Training
Bespoke Design Service
Creative/Copy Writing
Search Engine Optimisation
Flash Animation
Flash Programming
Translation Service

Eyeberia's Web design infographic

This Data visualization technique is to show our design strategy, displaying each process and it's order of events


A logo is the first impression people will get of a company. It needs to have longevity and scalability. It should be original and professional.

We take your logo design brief, research your industry, listen to your thoughts and ideas and work with you to create your perfect logo. We produce high quality, creative logo design work that is to "ad agency" standards at a fraction of the cost of traditional design firms. Most of our logo design work comes by way of referral.

A custom logo design can project professionalism, differentiate products, unify product lines, and create a strong brand. Without the correct logo, your business success in each of these areas could be limited.


Our photographic department offers:
Photographic illustration

For web, brochures, posters and most promotional materials.

Product photography.

Index of stock for sales through site, eCommerce/mail order.
Showcase work/products.

Portrait photography.

Images of clients in the workplace.
Personal, family, friends.

Event photography.

Business events/parties.
Craft fairs and exhibitions.
Charity events.
Entertainment/music nights.

Photo Manipulation.

Digital enhancement.
Colour correction.
Photo restoration.

Training & customer support.

Tuition for product photography and advice on equipment to purchase in order to independently photograph and upload onto website or promote products.


Establishing a professional business image is essential to give your potential clients the confidence that your business is capable of fulfilling their consumer needs. In addition to website design, Eyeberia also offers graphic design solutions to help brand your business.

Business cards
Posters & Flyers
Letterheads & Envelopes
Restaurant Menus


What is the cost of a website?

Obviously this depends on what you want. The cost of a basic site is about 550€. One with standard content management systems (CMS) is 950€ and the starting price for a CMS Ecommerce site is 1200€. These are guideline prices as each client has their own unique needs. We can give you a better idea of costs when we know your requirements. An online quotes form will soon be available.

What does a logo cost?

A simple logo for use on the web starts at 80€. One for web and print use starts at 180€ and a project requiring branding or re-branding from 250€.

What must I provide to create a web site?

We will need the content you want to include - text and images in a usable format. MS Notepad, MS word and MS Excel are fine for text. Don't worry about layout, that's our job. We will be in regular contact as the work proceeds to make sure you're happy with any adjustments we might suggest.

Can you write the text for my web site?

Yes. Give us the basic information and we will create an informative and interesting piece of writing that will convey what you want to say. Our team includes a university graduate who has many years of experience as a creative writer.

How is the site maintained once it is live?

Web sites invariably require regular updating. This may be a minor adjustment, (contact details, new information, updating browser compatibility) or a major overhaul to give a new look. Small changes are charged at an hourly rate and usually completed within 3 days. More extensive alterations can be quoted for.

Can I update my own web site?

You can update your own site with a content management system (CMS). A user friendly admin system allows you to change the content or upload new material onto your site without the need for specialist skills.

How long does it take to get a site live online?

Once we have received the content we aim to complete a project in 3 to 5 weeks - it takes 1 or 2 weeks to complete the design and 2 or 3 weeks to populate it. Complex database driven sites will take longer.